The NBA Finals kicked off last Thursday between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors won the first game of the series 113 to 91. They were led by Kevin Durant who had an amazing shooting night, he had 38 points and he shot 53 % from the Field. The Warriors were up 35 to 30 after the first quarter despite having their best rebounder and defender Draymond Green in foul trouble very early in this game. Andre Iguodala hit a 3-point buzzer beater to cap off a good quarter for the Warriors. The Cavaliers were not playing their best basketball during that 1st quarter and they were turning the ball over too much, they ended up with 20 turnovers in the entire game. The Cavaliers were also allowing the Warriors to take too many wide open three-pointers and jump shots.

The 2nd quarter was a close battle, the Warriors scored 25 points, while the Cavaliers scored 22. The Cavaliers did a better job defensively in that quarter not letting the Warriors take easy shots and getting the rebounds when need be. Nonetheless, at halftime the Warriors led 60-52 at half and had to be feeling pretty good about themselves. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant both seemed to be playing well and did not seem fazed by the 10 day layoff. The only concern for the Warriors at that point was Klay Thompson shooting, he had a terrible game, and he ended up with 6 points and 3 of 16 shooting from the Field.

The second half starts and the top is blown off from this game. An 8 point led is stretched to a 19 point lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Warriors were firing on all cylinders, continuing the great shooting night as a team, they ended up shooting 36% from the 3 point line, which is average for the Warriors, but it still gets the job done most teams struggle to even shoot 30% from the 3 point line. LeBron James ended having a good game, he had 28 points at the end of the gamebut it wasn’t enough. The 4th quarter was essentially garbage time, with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant resting most of the quarter while the Warriors were en route to this huge victory.

Game 2 went the Warriors way again, they won big too, winning 132 to 113. The Cavaliers led early in the 1st quarter, leading 9 to 3 at one point. Kevin Love had a very good 1st quarter for the Cavaliers he ended up scoring 11 points in that quarter. The Warriors had Stephen Curry going off in that 1st quarter, he ended up with 32 points in the entire game, but he was also helped by the referees as well, he shot 14 free throws for the game and made all of them. At the end of the 1st quarter the score was Warriors 40 Cleveland 34 and you got the sense that the Cavaliers had to stop Curry or they were going to lose this game bad.

The 2nd quarter for the Cavaliers was the best quarter of basketball that they have played in this entire series. They actually outscored the Warriors 30 to 27 in the quarter and the score was 67 to 64 at half and the Cavaliers actually looked like they had a shot at winning this game. LeBron James was dominant in this game, he had a triple double in this game, 29 points, 11 rebounds, 14 assists. He tied Magic Johnson with eight triple doubles in the Finals, a record James will surely break. James just continually went to the post and scored, he looked unstoppable at times, he only made one 3 pointer in the game so that shows what kind of game he had.

Once again in the 2nd half the wheels came off for the Cleveland Cavaliers. By the end of the 3rd quarter they trailed 102-88 and it was pretty much game over at that point. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant really got going in the second half, they ended up with 22 points and 33 points respectively for the game. Again in the 4th quarter the starters rested and the Warriors were up 2-0, with a commanding 132 to 113 point win.

The Cavaliers will have to play better defense and rebound the ball much better in Game 3, which will be Wednesday night at 6 pm local time. It is a must win for the Cavaliers, no team in the NBA has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit ever so LeBron James and the Cavs will have to leave it all on the court the next game or the Warriors will most likely be celebrating their 3rd ever NBA Championship.